Thursday, April 16, 2015

Important Question in Computer Science for NET Exam

Test Your Java Skill

Test your knowledge of Java!
1. What is the name of the Java mascot?
a) Luke
b) Duke
c) Nuke
d) Sunny 2. Where is the best place to get Java software?
a) From a can
b) From java.sun.com
c) You have to buy it from Microsoft
d) From your local Star Bucks 3. A 'for' loop in Java looks like this....
a) for(int i=0;i<5 br="" i=""> b) for i=1 to 5 do
c) repeat...until(i=5)
d) FOR I:=5 DOWNTO 1 DO 4. Which platform can not run Java.
b)Windows NT
c)Commodore 64
d)Apple Mac 5. 'JMF' stands for:
a)A pop group of the 90's who had the hit "Unbelievable"
b)Java Media Framework
c)Java Messaging Framework
d)Java Meditation Forum