Saturday, May 11, 2019

Important Question in Library Science in Paper II

Important Question in Library Science
  1. Mode of formation of subjects was given by S.R.Ranganathan
  2. Bibliographic Classification was devised by H.E.Bliss
  3. Universal Decimal Classification scheme is Almost faceted
  4. MARC-II programe was started in the year of 1968
  5. Who was the author of Grammar of Classification - W.C.B.Sayers
  6. Who is teacher of S.R.Ranganathan - W.C.B.Sayers
  7. 20th Edition of D.D.C was published in 1989
  8. 5th Edition of CCC was pulished in  1964
  9. Catalaoguing Practice was Published in 1974 by S.R.Ranganathan
  10. ISDN stands for Integrated Service Digital Network in 1990.
  11. Online Union Catalogue - Worldcat
  12. How many digits are there in the ISSN - 8
  13. PPBS related to Budgeting system
  14. The ISSN is a Unique number which idendifies a particular serial
  15. CIP stands for cataloguing in publication
  16. The full form of ISBN and How many digits- International Standard Book Number, 13
  17. Asian Recorder is published by Asian Recorder Publications, New Delhi
  18. FID was founded by Paul Otlet and Henri La Fantaine
  19. UGC founded in the year of 1953
  20. The basic communication model was developed by Aristotle