Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Important Questions in Economics Paper - II for NET Exam

1.NAFTA stands for
  1. National Agricultural Funds for Tribal Agencies
  2. National Automobiles Free Trade Association
  3. North American Foundation for Tourism Accreditation
  4. North American Free Trade Agreement
2. Workers employed for long hours on low wages is referred as
  1. sweat labour
  2. sweet labour
  3. lavish labour
  4. none of the above
3.  Name the book written by Dadabhai Naoroji that is based on Indian poverty and economy under the British rule
  1. You -Me-and- the Indian poverty 
  2. Indian economy under the British rule
  3. Poverty and Un-British Rule in India
  4. Indian poverty and economy
4. Why the continuation of reservation for Small Scale Industries after import liberalisation is considered as old fashioned?
  1. because all the countries in the world are not providing such liberalisaton
  2. because this makes Indian  Large Scale Producers finds it as waste of efforts.
  3. because Indian  Small Scale manufacturers have to compete with large scale manufacurers from outside
  4. because Indian  Large Scale manufacturers have to compete with World market for the same product with lower profit
5.Which one of the following refers 'Brown Agenda'
  1. concerned with soil conservation
  2. the well-being of the present generation , specially in urban slums
  3. concerned with Bronze industries
  4. concerned with economic standards with high returns
6. The biggest ever cash purchase of the shares of the bank in India is
  1. Purchase of State Bank of India shares from Reserve Bank of India by the  Central Government
  2. Purchase of  Bank Of India shares from Amalgamation of Global Trust Bank
  3. Purchase of  Bank of India shares from National Bank for Agriculture and Rural Development
  4. Purchase of National Bank for Agriculture and Rural Development shares from Reserve Bank of India by the  Central Government
7. Which of the following statement(s) stands correct
  1. The Central Statistical Organisation conducts time-to-time census in order to collect data on unorganised enterprises
  2. National Sample Survey Organisation  collects  monthly rural retail price in order to calculate Consumer Price Index
  3. The major responsibility of the Central Statistical Organisation  is to calculate the consumer price index for urban non-manual employees
  4. National Sample Survey Organisation collects data for estimating national income.
a.none of the above
b. 2 & 3
c. 1 & 2
d. 1,2,3 & 4

8. Which one of the following country has the largest share of FDI in India during the last decade?
  1. Russia
  2. China
  3. America
  4. United Kingdom
9.The term 'Fiscal Policy' is concerned with
  1. public revenue and expenditure
  2. poverty control
  3. solution for the export issues
  4. public awareness on illiteracy
10. Which of the following pairs matched correctly
  1. Second Plan P.C                          Mahalanobis
  2. Bombay Plan                               John Mathai
  3. Gandhian Plan                             Shriman Narayan
  4. Fifth Five Year Plan                    1974-79
a. 1 &4
b.1,2,3 & 4
c.2 & 3
d.2 & 4

Answer (1) : 4
Answer (2) : 1
Answer (3) : 3
Answer (4) : 3
Answer (5) : 2
Answer (6) : 1
Answer (7) : d                 
Answer (8) : 3
Answer (9) : 1
Answer (10) : b