Thursday, April 16, 2015

Important Questions in Home Science Paper II for NET Exam

Important Questions in Home Science Paper-II for NET Exam

1. Avanthika had a good habit of enjoying the greenery around his locality while going to her office by car. one day she stepped to a children park and felt leg pain. Doctor noticed a disease marked by low bone mass and deteriorating structure of bone tissue.What is may the the disease?
  1.  osteoporosis
  2.  arthritis
  3. Joint inflammation
  4.  Arthur’s disease
2. Which of the following is not a part of environmental hygiene?
  1. Follow correct storage and garbage removal procedures
  2. Maintain and clean equipment at the highest standard of hygiene
  3. Carry personal hygiene kits (bum bags) with gloves and mask
  4. Wash your hands regularly
3. Which of the following is a hazard that can cause injury or harm in your place?
  1. Spills and slippery surfaces like water, food and oil
  2. Incorrect storage of LPG cylinder 
  3. Environmental conditions such as sun exposure
  4. All of the above
4. Which of the following option is correct in relation to HIV/AIDS?
  1. one of the greatest challenges facing the. world in the 2lst century
  2. an emergency of an unprecedented nature
  3. a global disaster and threat to the world population
  4. all of the above
5.The stages of risk management principles is/are
  1. Hazard control
  2. Hazard maintenance
  3. both 1 & 2
  4. none of the the above
6. Kavya is a poor eater. That's what her mother planned to prepared a list of  eatables that are enrich with proteins? The reason behind her this decision is, because protein
  1.  improve mental clarity
  2.  builds enzymes, muscles, tissues, hormones and red blood cells
  3.  provide the body with energy
  4.  build muscle strength and endurance
7.Why today's ladies are shifting themselves to materials (including eatables, soaps, facial creams etc) based on antioxidants ?
  1. They may create free radicals
  2. They may be effective in fighting obesity
  3. They may reduce the risk of aging ­related diseases
  4. They may build muscle strength and endurance
8.How one can check for breathing?
  1. Look, touch, feel
  2. Look, listen, feel
  3. Listen, look, touch
  4. All of the above
9. What symptom of anorexia nervosa?
  1. Cold intolerance
  2. Increased susceptibility infection
  3. Skeletal muscle atrophy
  4. All of the above
10.How many moles does the average person have?
  1. 10 to 15
  2. 20 to 40
  3. 16 to 30
  4. 60 to 80


Answer(1): 1
Answer(2): 4
Answer(3): 4
Answer(4): 4
Answer(5): 3
Answer(6): 2
Answer(7): 3
Answer(8): 2
Answer(9): 4
Answer(10): 2