Friday, April 10, 2015

Important Questions in Paper-I for NET Exam

1.What should be the best quality in  researcher
  1. curiosity
  2. qualification
  3. active imagination
  4. optimistic
Answer: (1)

2. Which of the following is correct, if A is son of M but M and Q are the sisters to the one another . Z is the mother of Q. If P is the son of Z, then
  1. M is the sister of Z
  2. Q is the grandfather of A
  3. P is the maternal uncle of A
  4. None of the above
Answer: (3)

3. Which is related to a cross-sectioned research
  1. statistic
  2. linguistic
  3. eugenics
  4. sample
Answer: (4)

4.Which of the following deals with Action-research
  1. an applied research
  2. long term research
  3. research to find quick time solution 
  4. None of the above
Answer: (3)

5.How to code CROWD if HOUSE is coded as INVRF
  1. DQPVE
  2. DQPMK
  3. DSWER
  4. BGNVC
Answer: (1)