Sunday, October 22, 2017

Important Questions in Sociology for NET Exams - Paper II

1.Who among the following believed that the strict adherence to the norms of society itself produces a type of deviance?
  1. H D Kirk
  2. Parsons
  3. Linton
  4. Charles Michel

2. Which one of the following is the name of the book where Merton has proposed his theory
  1. Theories on Social Trends
  2. Sociological Theories
  3. Challenges Before sociology
  4. Social Theory and Social Structure

3.Under common parlance Arvind is said to be cultured if he
  1. polished in manners
  2. balanced body language
  3. polite speaker
  4. all of the above 

4.Under which particular ground the cultural traits are formed
  1. regional needs
  2. needs of life
  3. political needs
  4. social needs

5.During which of the following period Ibn-e-Khaldum belogs to
  1. 1338-1405 AD
  2. 1332-1422 AD
  3. 1332-1406 AD
  4. none of the above