Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Library and Information Science Paper -III

Library Commision
  • Dr.Lakshmanaswamy Medullar as its Chairman, Secondary Education Commission 1952-53)
  • All India Seminar on School Libraries in 1962 in Bangalore which was directed by the late Dr. S.R. Ranganathan.
  • Nationals Council of Educational Research and Training (NCERT)
Finance and Budget of College Libraries
  1. Radhakrishnan Commission recommended the setting apart of 6 per cent of the total college budget for the development of their respective libraries, 
  2. Kothari Commission raised it to about 10 per cent
  3. The Karnataka State Universities Review Committee recommended the setting apart of 20 per cent of the college budget (popularly known as the Raj Commission, as Prof. K.N. Raj headed this Commission) 
Some Important Commission
  • Radhakrishnan Commission - 1948
  • Mudaliar Commission on secondary education - 1952-53
  • Kothari Commission on education - 1964
  • Karnataka State Universities Review Committee, headed by Professor K N Raj  - 1979
U.G.C. Library Committee Report "University and College Libraries" in 1959. Dr.Ranganathan was the Chairman of this Committee

The University Grants Commission developed INFIBNET programme,in 1988, as library network for Universities and colleges

Some Important Books and Author
  1. Deshpande,K.S. - University Library System in India, Sterling (1985). 
  2. Yelfand, M.A.University Libraries in Developing Countries (1974)
  3. Krishan Kumar - Library Organisation (1987)
  4. Ranganathan,S.R. - New Educational School Library (1973)
  5. Peter Drucker - The Practice of Management (1955)
Periodical Registration Records Method
  1. Ledger System 
  2. Card System: cards of a uniform size, either 5" X 3" or 6" X 4"
  3. Three Card System, and
  4. Kardex