Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Useful Computer Science Questions for NET Exam

1. Infrared  signals can be used for short range communication in a closed area using which propagation?
  1. ground
  2. sky
  3. line of sight
  4. space
Answer: (3) line of sight

2. A bridge has access to which address in the same network?
  1. Physical
  2.  Network
  3. Datalink
  4. Application
Answer:(1) Physical

3.COCOMO stands for?
  1. COmposite COst MOdel
  2. COnstructive COst MOdel
  3. COnstructive  COmposite MOdel
  4. COmprehensive COnstruction MOdel
Answer:(2)COnstructive COst MOdel

4.Which of the following is not a DBMS?
  1. Hierarchical
  2. Network
  3. Rational 
  4. Sequential

5. A Network Schema
  1. restrict to one to many relationship
  2. permits many to many relationship
  3. stores data in a Database
  4. stores data in a Relation
Answer:(2) permits many to many relationship