Sunday, May 3, 2015

Computer Science Paper II UGC NET

Important Questions in Computer Science and Applications

UGC - NET (Paper II and Paper II) - Build your Knowledge Skill for UGC-NET Lectureship and JRF

1.Which one of the following is the simplest way of deadlock recovery?
a)kill one of the processes
b)lock one of the processes
d)None of the above
2.Which directory used in UNIX file system?
a)Hierarchical Directory
b)Directed a cyclic graph
c)Structured graph directory
d)Tree structure directory
3.Which one of the following technique is used by Linux operation system?
a)fair preemptive scheduling
b)roll back
c)hand shaking
d)both b & c
4.In CMM standared KPA stands for?
a)key performance area
b)key product area
c)key product access
d)key process area
5.Which one is the distinguished feature of supercomputer over other category of computer?
a)virtual memory
b)high number of processors
c)parallel processing
d)higher storage capacity
6.What does a data mart consist of?
a)aggregate departmental data
b)summarized data
c)de-normalized data
d)all of the above
7.Which unary operator make difference between an ordinary variable and pointer type variable?
8.The processor ARM stands for?
a)Advanced RISC machine
b)Advanced RISC module
c)Advance RISC module
d)Advance RISC modulea
9.what operation can be done by using Srepy ( )?
10.How does a list of values can be separated?
a)By using semicolon
b)By using brackets
c)By using colon
d)By using commas