Saturday, June 20, 2015

Computer Science Mock Test UGC NET

  1. When you take the 1's complement and then add 1, then what new number you must get?
    1.  3's complement
    2.  1
    3. 2's complement
    4.  0

  2. Which one of the following get done by the digital multiplexer which is basically a combination of logic circuit?
    1.  AND-AND
    2. AND-OR
    3.  OR-OR
    4.  OR-AND

  3. In C language a pointer variable to an integer can be created by the declaration as?
    1.  int *p
    2.  int p*
    3.  int -p;
    4.  int $p;

  4. Select the correct option that to be usedd when you want to perform file output operation?
    1.  an object that has already been instantiated
    2.  an object you instantiate
    3.  either (a) or (b)
    4. None of the above

  5. In order to perform multiple arithmetic operations in a single statement,overloaded operator functions should return?
    1.  address of the function
    2.  a copy of the values passed to them
    3.  void
    4.  an object of the class type

  6. An audit log plays its vital role because?
    1.  it simply records the time
    2.  it is user friendly
    3.  it has type of all access to an object
    4. all of the above

  7. Why do an extra clock is needed in a serial communication?
    1.  to make use of RS-232
    2.  to synchronize the devices
    3.  for programmed band rate control
    4.  none of the above

  8. What does an embeded pointer used to provide?
    1.  an inverted format
    2.  an inverted index
    3.  a physical record key
    4. a secondary access path

  9. The percentage of overhead on a T1 carrier used to be?
    1. 13%
    2.  25%
    3.  20%
    4.  47%

  10. The term character encoding may be defined as?
    1. an extensible stylesheet language's file hacking method
    2.  a session tracking in XML
    3.  a method used to represent character in a number
    4.  a method used to represent number in a character