Monday, June 11, 2018

Computer Science Mock Test UGC-NET

This Quiz is posted with the sole aim of guiding the aspirants of UGC-NET Exam to the path of success. To sharpen the edges of your own intelligence and practice, in a structured and concrete manner to ensure you definite Success in your endeavor and will Pave your way for a successful career in Teaching (or) Research Profession . All the very best...... Knock the door of success......
  1. One may convert S-R flip-flop into T-types flip-flop,if?
    1.  S is connected to Q
    2.  R is connected to Q
    3.  Both S and R are shortened
    4.  S and R are connected to Q and Q respectively

  2. Pick the correct the term related to a graphical display of the fundamental products in a truth-table_____?
    1.  Graphing
    2.  T-map
    3.  Mapping
    4.  Kanangh-map

  3. What is sorting data?
    1.  To arrange data either alphabetical or numerical order
    2.  To arrange data on alphabetical  order
    3.  To arrange data numerical order
    4.  All of the above

  4. What will be the average waiting time if the CPU scheduling policy is SJF with pre-emption?
    1.  8 ms
    2.  14 ms
    3.  4.5 ms
    4.  5.6 ms

  5. Cascading termination  refers to termination of all child processes befor the parent terminates ?
    1.  Normally
    2.  Abnormally
    3.  Deadlock
    4.  Normally or Abnormally

  6. Pick the function used to convert a data to a character string?
    1.  DTOW
    2.  DTOC
    3.  CDOW
    4.  DOWC

  7. What is 'Bic Picture' diagram of  system?
    1.  Block diagram
    2.  Design diagram
    3.  Logic diagram
    4.  Program flowchart

  8. Which is not required in Top-down design?
    1.  Step-wise refinement
    2.  Flow charting 
    3.  Modularity
    4. Loop invariants

  9. Which frame will be send by the receiver, in case of stop-and-wait ARG, where data 1 has an error?
    1.  NAK 1
    2.  NAK 0
    3.  NAK
    4.  NAK 2

  10. The text inside the <TEXT AREA> tag works like?
    1. <P> formatted text
    2.  <T> formatted text
    3.  Both a & b
    4.  <PRE> formatted text