Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Library and Information Science

1.In which year Shenon and Weaver enunciated the Mathematical theory of information?
Ans: 1949
2.When the term Information Science was first used?
3.Who developed the term Information Society?
4.In which country is given to coin the term of Information Society?
Ans: Japan
5.Who propounder of the term of Information Transfer?
Ans: Beesman
6. The word 'Communication' derived from which language?
Ans: Latin language
7.The satellite communication was first started in which country?
Ans: United States of America
8. What is Stand for GATT?
Ans: General Agreement on Tariff and Trade
9.Who was the chairman of the National Policy Committee?
Ans: Professor. D.P.Chattopadhayaya.
10.In which Organization applied National Policy on Library and Information System in Our country?