Friday, August 21, 2015

UGC-NET Library and Information Science Mock Test - 16

In this Quiz covered for important questions from various NET Exam and Prepared for Various State Government Librarian Exams. So CBSE-NET aspirants can check their Knowledge and to get chances to success. All the best...

  1. What is the name of the instrument marketed by Remington Rand of India Ltd for Periodical registration?
    1.  Kardex
    2.  Three card system
    3.  Copier
    4.  Printer

  2. The Statement "Type along the dotted line, then fold back or detach this stub" fund in the card printed by?
    1.  Tata Consultancy Services
    2.  National Library Calcutta
    3.  Amazon.com
    4.  Remington Rand of India

  3. This hormone in female maintains pregnancy and regulates menstrual cycle??
    1.  ANS
    2.  Relaxine
    3.  Androgen
    4.  Oestrogen

  4. What is the main source of income for public libraries?
    1.  UGC
    2.  Government
    3.  Gifts/Donations
    4.  Library cess

  5. What is the meaning of Modular form of Library building?
    1.  The building is in the form of model
    2.  The building has circular rooms
    3.  One hall is constructed at every floor
    4.  The area of the rooms may be increased or decreased

  6. A method in which minimum amount per head is fixed and financial estimates are prepared?
    1.  Method of details
    2.  Per capita method
    3.  Library budget
    4.  Principal of economy

  7. The 7th edition of CC was published?
    1.  Sharada Ranganathan Endowment
    2.  DRTC
    3.  INSDOC
    4.  Asia Publishing House

  8. Principles of Book Classification in the Library Association Record authored by?
    1.  S.R.Ranganathan
    2.  J.D. Brown
    3.  Bliss
    4.  e.W.Hulme

  9. Who is the deviser of DDC?
    1.  C.A. Cutter
    2.  S.R. Ranganathan
    3.  Melwin Dewey
    4.  J.D. Brown

  10. Who devised first bibliographic classification scheme?
    1.  Bacon
    2.  Bliss
    3.  Dewey
    4.  Gesner