Sunday, November 29, 2015

Library and Information Science - CBSE UGC-NET: Paper III

1. Kardex system is adopted in libraries for the maintenance of ____
a. Reference
b. Periodicals
c. Database
d. Atlas

2. Modes of formation of subject was given by?
a. Dewey
b. Allen Kent
c. Rider
d. S.R.Ranganathan

3. When was formed Classification Research Group (CRG)
a. 1950
b. 1952
c. 1953
d. 1955

4. The elementary categories of POPSI are:
d. None of these above

5. Who was devised PRECIS?
a. S.R.Ranganathan
b. E.A.Coats
c. M.Taube
d. Derek Austin

6. NT and BT are used in which of the following?
b. Thesaurus
c. Chain Indexing
d. None of these above

7. CCF Stands for_______
a. Common Communication Format
b. Common Communication Forum
c. Common Character Family
d. Common Catalogue Format

8. Research Method is an example of_____
a. Fusion
b. Distillation
c. Cluster
d. Fission

9. Where is located the European Translation Centre ?
a. Delhi
b. New York
c. Perlin
d. London

10. When was published Sear’s list?
a. 1921
b. 1922
c. 1924
d. 1923


1. Periodicals
2. d. S.R.Ranganathan
3. b. 1952
4. a. DEAPM
5. d. Derek Austin
6. b. Thesaurus
7. a. Common Communication Format
8. b. Distillation
9. d. London
10. d. 1923