Saturday, April 30, 2016

Library and Information Science - Paper II

  1. The term 'Encyclopaedia' is coined from which language? Greek
  2. 'What does IFLA stands for?' is an example of which services?  -Ready Reference Service
  3. Who started Reference Service in India, for the first time? - S.R. Ranganathan
  4. When the answer of a reference question is provided within half an hour then it is called - Short range reference service
  5. Indexing is a part of – Documentation Service
  6. What is Index India? – Indexing Services
  7. INSPEC Database is produced by - Institution of Electrical Engineers
  8. Patent Information Alert published by – DESIDOC
  9. "Unity of Command" is associated with - One Person's Responsibility
  10. Classification of reading materials is associated with - Technical Section