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UGC - NET Library and Information Science (MCQ) - 4

50. Which of the following variables cannot be expressed in quantitative terms?
(A) Socio-economic Status
(B) Marital Status
(C) Numerical Aptitude
(D) Professional Attitude
Answer: (C)

51. The essential qualities of a researcher are
(A) Spirit of free enquiry
(B) Reliance on observation and evidence
(C) Systematization or theorizing of knowledge
(D) All the above
Answer: (D)

52. In the process of conducting research ‘Formulation of Hypothesis” is followed by
(A) Statement of Objectives
(B) Analysis of Data
(C) Selection of Research Tools
(D) Collection of Data
Answer: (C)

53. A research paper is a brief report of research work based on
(A) Primary Data only
(B) Secondary Data only
(C) Both Primary and Secondary Data
(D) None of the above
Answer: (C)

54. One of the following is not an open source software :
(A) D’space 
(B) Windows 
(C) Green-stone 
(D) Linux
Answer: (B) Windows

55. When RRRLF was established? 
(A) 1970 
(B) 1971 
(C) 1972 
(D) 1974 
Answer: (C) 

56. Cumulative book index is published from 
(A) India 
(B) USA 
(C) Canada 
(D) Thailand 
Answer: (B)

57. Statesman year book is published from 
(A) London 
(B) New york 
(C) Calcutta 
(D) Chicago 
Answer: (A) (MacMillan , Annual) 

58. Word of learning is Published by 
(A) Asian events 
(B) Keesing’s 
(C) Europa publication 
(D) Harper & Row 
Answer: (C) ( London) 

59. Who is the editor of “Library Herald” 
(A) Krishan Kumar 
(B) C. K. Sharma 
(C) S. R. Ranganathan 
(D) F.Monbray Volte 
Answer: (A)

60. Who was Published the monthly Journal “The Library World’ 
(A) Krishan kumar 
(B) J. D. Brown 
(C) H. W. Wilson 
(D) K. Navlavi 
Answer: (B)

61. Facts of File is weekly digest of 
(A) Indian events 
(B) American events 
(C) World events 
(D) England events 
Answer: (C)
62. Who is the first editor of “Modern Librarian”? 
(A) F.Monbrary Volte 
(B) Dr. S. R. Ranganathan 
(C) J. D. Brown 
(D) Krishan Kumar 
Answer: (A)
63. Indian national Bibliographical first appeared in 
(A) 1947 
(B) 1957 
(C) 1967 
(D) 1937 
Answer: (B) 
64. Who is the author of “Dictionary of anonymous and pseudonymous literature” 
(A) S. Halkett & J. Laing 
(B) Robert Proctor 
(C) Ralph De sols 
(D) Hanuman Sastri 
Answer: (A)
65. Compton year book contains 
(A) Political events 
(B) Cultural events 
(C) Outstanding events 
(D) Economic events 
Answer: (C) 
66.Online Europa year book has a coverage since 
(A) 1965 
(B) 1975 
(C) 1984 
(D) 1985 
Answer: (D) 
67. Which of the following is a multi-subject gateway? 
(A) Renardus 
(B) Humbul 
(C) Sapling 
(D) EdWEb 
Answer: (A) 

68. Which of the following is a specialized information organization online tool? 
(A) Mamma 
(B) Dogpile 
(C) Vivisimo 
(D) Entireweb 
Answer: (C) 

69. Research periodicals are which category of sources? 
(A) Primary 
(B) Secondary 
(C) Tertiary 
(D) Non documentary. 
Answer: (A) 

70. Reference sources are those 
(A) Which are large in size? 
(B) Which are read at home easily? 
(C) Which used to obtain particular information? 
(D) Which are costly? 
Answer: (C) 

71. Who is the publisher of Encyclopedia of Library and information science? 
(A) Boweker 
(B) H.W.Wilson company 
(C) M.Dekker 
(D) H.W.Wilson 
Answer: (C) 
72.Retrospective search service is a type of 
(A) Referral service 
(B) Responsive service 
(C ) CAS 
(D) SDI 
Answer: (B) 
73. Which part of new encyclopedia Britannica is useful for ready references? 
(A) Macropaedia 
(B) Propaedia 
(C ) Micropaedia 
(D) Premedia 
Answer: (B) 

74. Year book are also known as 
(A) Hand book 
(B) annual 
(C ) Directory 
(D) Dictionary 
Answer: (B) 
75. What is India: A reference annual? 
(A) Year Book 
(B) Almonac 
(C ) Gide book 
(D) Hand book 
Answer: (A) 

76. What is Trade bibliography? 
(A) List of Author Bibliography 
(B) List of Special Bibliography 
(C ) List of books in print or for sale compiled by a publisher 
(D) List of books of trade Library 
Answer: (C) 

77. What are the suitable reference sources to know about the information of a particular place? 
(A) Directory 
(B) Gazetteer 
(C) Encyclopedia 
(D) Year book 
Answer: (B) 
78. What is the suitable reference sources to find out the list of historical monuments of Delhi? 
(A) Atlas 
(B) Gazetteer 
(C) Guide book 
(D) Globe 
Answer: (C) 

79. What do you call a collection of maps, tables, charts, etc.? 
(A) Globe 
(B) Gazetteer 
(C) Atlas 
(D) Map 
Answer: (C) 

80. How many volumes Micropaedia of new Encyclopedia Britannica is published? 
(A) 2 
(B) 10 
(C) 19 
(D) 12 
Answer: (B) 

81. Encyclopedia Americana consists of 
(A) 20 Volumes 
(B) 25 Volumes 
(C) 28 Volumes 
(D) 30 Volumes 
Answer: (D) 

82. Which of the following are not the secondary sources? 
(A) Encyclopedia 
(B) Digest 
(C) Thesis 
(D) Text book 
Answer: (C) 

83. What is the publication frequency of books in print? 
(A) Monthly 
(B) Weekly 
(C) Annually 
(D) Quarterly 
Answer: (C) 

84. What is National bibliography? 
(A) List of books of National Library 
(B) List of books published in a particular Nation 
(C) List of books written by National government 
(D) List of books on a nation 
Answer: (B) 

85. What is world of learning? 
(A) Directory 
(B) Encyclopedia 
(C) Dictionary 
(D) Year book 
Answer: (A) 

86. What is the frequency of I.N.B.? 
(A) Quarterly 
(B) Monthly 
(C) Weekly 
(D) Annual 
Answer: (B)
87. ‘ Facts on File’ is a 
(A) Weekly list 
(B) Fortnightly 
(C) Monthly 
(D) Quarterly 
Answer: (A) 
88. The term “Information Service” is an improvised name … 
(A) Administration 
(B) Documentation 
(C) Bibliography 
(D) Reference service 
Answer: (D)

89. Which terms was coined by S.R. Ranganathan for mobile libraries 
(A) Moving library 
(B) Library on wheels 
(C) Library machine 
(D) All of the above 
Answer: (B)

90. Reading centre, story hours, exhibition and reading to literature are form of 
(A) Extension service
(B) Service of Public library
(C) Both
(D) None
Answer: (A)

91. Who Invented the Dictionary Catalogue? 
(A) Dr. S. R. Ranganathan 
(B) C. A. Cutter 
(C) D. B. Krishna Rao 
(D) K. N. Raj 
Answer: (B)

92. What is another name of Added entries? 
(A) Main entry 
(B) Cross reference entry 
(C) Secondary entries 
(D) Subject entry 
Answer: (C)

93. When was SLSH published? 
(A) 1903 
(B) 1897 
(C) 1923 
(D) 1933 
Answer: (C)

94.  When was MARC project completed? 
(A) 1987 
(B) 1967 
(C) 1947 
(D) 1968 
Answer: (B)

95. Who defined notation as shorthand sign 
(A) Dr. S. R. Ranganathan 
(B) Benjamin A. Custer 
(C) Immanuel Kant 
(D) E. C. Richardson 
Answer : (D)

96. In which year DDC 23rd edition was published 
(A) 2000 
(B) 2011 
(C) 2003 
(D) 2010 
Answer: (B)

97. The word classification comes from the Latin word 
(A) Classis 
(B) Classes 
(C) Clauses 
(D) Fiction 
Answer: (A)

98. The first edition of DDC published in 
(A) 1875 
(B) 1876 
(C) 1874 
(D) 1896 
Answer: (B)

99. The first edition of UDC published in 
(A) 1904 
(B) 1901 
(C) 1905 
(D) 1894 
Answer: (C)

100. Who is the publishers of Sear’s list of subject headings
(A) Dr. S. R. Ranganathan 
(B) Brown 
(C) H. W. Wilson 
(D) C. A. Cutter 
Answer: (C)