Saturday, April 16, 2016

UGC - NET Library and Information Science (MCQ) - 3

1. UNISIST is a 
(A) Software 
(B) A Programme 
(C) Welfare association 
(D) A committee 
Answer: (B)

2. Where did Dr. S. R. Ranganathan put forth his five laws of library science? 
(A) Meenakshi college, Annamalainagar 
(B) Hindu College, New Delhi 
(C) City College, Bangalore 
(D) Christ College, Bangalore 
Answer: (A) 

3. When did ILA became the member of IFLA? 
(A) 1952 
(B) 1955 
(C) 1957 
(D) 1965 
Answer: (C) 

4. In which year Aslib was acquired by MCB group, the holding company for emerald group publishing? 
(A) 2003 
(B) 2005 
(C) 2009 
(D) 2010 
Answer: (D) 

5. Which association`s tagline is “managing information”? 
(B) Aslib 
(C) ALA 
(D) LC 
Answer: (B) 

6. Which association`s tagline is “connecting people and information”? 
(A) SLA 
(C) ALA 
Answer: (A) 

7. When was the International institute of Documentation established? 
(A) 1931 
(B) 1934 
(C) 1940 
(D) 1945 
Answer: (A) 

8. Which organization has introduced the concept of “Sister libraries” for children`s and young adults reading? 
(C) LC 
(D) LA 
Answer: (B) 

9. In which year the ISBN allocation office in India shifted from Kolkatta to Delhi? 
(A) 2009 
(B) 2010 
(C) 2011 
(D) 2012 
Answer: (C) 

10. Which two organizations jointly publish survey on digitization and preservation? 
(D) IFLA + LC 
Answer: (A) 

11. Who said that “Librarianship is not a profession”? 
(A) Madden, Moon, Moore, Mc Pheron 
(B) Goode, Rossi, Shaffer, Gullis 
(C) Dewey, Rundey, Reeves, Aishen 
(D) Ranganathan, Dewey, Cutter 
Answer: (A) 

12. Which organization was joined with Library Association to form CILIP in 2002? 
(A) Institute of Bibliography 
(B) Institute of Information Scientists 
(C) Institute of Documentation 
(D) Institute of Librarianship 
Answer: (B) 

13.In which year International institute of Documentation changed to International federation of Documentation? 
(A) 1931 
(B) 1937 
(C) 1945 
(D) 1948 
Answer: (B) 

14.In which year headquarter of FID was shifted from Brussels to The Hague? 
(A) 1925 
(B) 1928 
(C) 1930 
(D) 1934 
Answer: (D) 

15. When was the curriculam development committee on LIS instituted? 
(A) 1988-89 
(B) 1990-93 
(C) 1994-97 
(D) 1999-02 
Answer: (B) 

16. Who published the journal International classification? 
(D) ALA 
Answer: (C) 

17. Which association in India awards teachers in LIS? 
(B) ILA 
(D) SIS 
Answer: (A) 

18. Where is the headquarter of SLA? 
(A) New York 
(B) Lagos 
(C) Shimla 
(D) New Delhi 
Answer: (A) 

19.Which law of library Science relates to the growth of libraries 
(A) Forth law 
(B) First law 
(C) Second law 
(D) Fifth law 
Answer: (D)

20. UAP stands for what of the following 
(A) United Academy of publication 
(B) Universal Association of Publishers 
(C) Universal Availability of Publications. 
(D) Universal Association of Publishers 
Answer: (C)

21. Resource sharing is a part of 
(A) Library cooperation
(B)Library Administration 
(C)Library Management
(D)Library Cataloging
Answer: (A)

22. When was the Amercian Library Assoication established
(A) 1876
(B) 1872
(C) 1875
(D) 1880
Answer: (A)

23. Which term was coined by Dr.S.R.Ranganathan for mobile libraries
(A) Moving Library
(B) Library on Wheels
(C) Library Machine
(D) All of above

24. The Librarian Day celebrated on 
(A) 15th Sep
(B) 24th Nov
(C) 11th Dec
(D) 12th Aug
Answer: (D)

25. Forms of Extension service
(A) Library Websites
(B) Library Orientation
(C) Book fair and Exhibition
(D) All
Answer: (D)

26. The first library school was started by
(A) Melvin Dewey
(B) Charles Williamson
(C) John Macfarlane
(D) William Allenson Borden

27. Encyclopedia of library and Information Science is published by :
(A) H. W. Wilson 
(B) R. R. Bowker 
(C) Marcel Dekker 
(D) Andrew Deutsch 
Answer: (C) Marcel Dekker

28. The secondary source of information comprised of: 
(A) Text books and research monographs. 
(B) Subject periodicals and encycyclopaedias 
(C) Indexing and Abstracting periodicals 
(D) Bibliography and patents 
Answer:(C) Indexing and Abstracting periodicals 

29. Who categorized information source into conventional, non conventional, neo conventional and micro documents : 
(A) Ranganthan 
(B) Bradford 
(C) Grogan 
(D) Henson 
Answer: (A) Ranganthan 
30. Article published in research journal are… 
(A) Reference sources 
(B) Secondary sources 
(C) Primary sources 
(D) Tertiary sources 
Answer: (C)

31. What is the Thesaurus? 
(A) A collection of selected terminology 
(B) Synonymous terms 
(C) List of words 
(D) All of the above 
Answer: (D)

32. What is a Patent 
(A) An agreement to the Government 
(B) Document of the library 
(C) An agreement between the inventor and the Government 
(D) An agreement between library and Publisher 
Answer: (C)

33. World of learning is a what source of information 
(A) Primary source 
(B) Documentary source 
(C) Secondary source 
(D) Tertiary source 
Answer: (C)

34. Indian books in Print are published from 
(A) Tamil nadu 
(B) Chennai 
(C) Bombay 
(D) New Delhi 
Answer: (D)

36. What is e-prints ?
(A) A catalogue
(B)  A journal
(C) A repository Software
(D) An encyclopeadia
Answer: (C)

37. What  two is a Library Management  Software for small libraries?
(A) Library Solution and Follet
(B) Follet and MSN
(C) MSN and Tar
(D) LYCOS and Live  Search
Answer: (A)

38. What is APS ? 
(A) A Search Engine?
(B) A Full-text e-resourse
(C) Bibliographic database
(D) Library Management Software
Answer: (B)

39. Which one is Library and Information Science Journal name?
(A) Reference Reviews incorporating ASLIB Book Guide
(B) Reference Reviews incorporating ASLIB Book journals
(C) Reference Reviews incorporating ASLIB Book Review
(D) Reference Reviews incorporating ASLIB E-Book
Answer: (A)

40. "Shodhganga" is a national level repository of: 
(A) E-Books 
(B) E-Journals 
(C) E-Theses 
(D) Journal Articles 
Answer: (C) 

41. Questionnaire is a :
(A) Research method
(B) Measurement Technique 
(C) Tool for data collection 
(D) All the above
Answer: (C)

42. Mean, Median and Mode are :
(A) Measures of deviation 
(B) Sampling Techniques 
(C) Measures of control tendency 
(D) None of the above
Answer: (D)
43.  ‘Cranfield Studies’ are an example of :
(A) Survey Research 
(B) Experimental Research 
(C) Historical Research 
(D) Case Study
Answer: (B)

44. Research is
(A) Searching again and again
(B) Finding solution to any problem
(C) Working in a scientific way to search for truth of any problem
(D) None of the above
Answer: (C)

45. Which of the following is the first step in starting the research process?
(A) Searching sources of information to locate problem.
(B) Survey of related literature
(C) Identification of problem
(D) Searching for solutions to the problem
Answer: (C)

46. A common test in research demands much priority on
(A) Reliability
(B) Useability
(C) Objectivity
(D) All of the above
Answer: (D)

47. Action research means
(A) A longitudinal research
(B) An applied research
(C) A research initiated to solve an immediate problem
(D) A research with socioeconomic objective
Answer: (C)

48. A reasoning where we start with certain particular statements and conclude with a universal statement is called
(A) Deductive Reasoning
(B) Inductive Reasoning
(C) Abnormal Reasoning
(D) Transcendental Reasoning
Answer: (B)

49. Research is conducted to
I. Generate new knowledge
II. Not to develop a theory
III. Obtain research degree
IV. Reinterpret existing knowledge
Which of the above are correct?
(A) I, III & II 
(B) III, II & IV
(C) II, I & III 
(D) I, III & IV
Answer: (D)