Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Library And Information Science UGC-CBSE-NET Paper - II

1.  Identify the association that has changed its original name:
(C) LA
Answer: C

2.ASK (Approach, Skill, Knowledge) principle is related to 
Answer: B

3. Shelf list facilitates 
(A) Classification
(B) Weeding out
(C) Stock verification
(D) Documentation
Answer: C

4. The office of Patent Information System in India is at 
(A) Mumbai
(B) New Delhi
(C) Kolkata
(D) Nagpur
Answer: B

5. Questionnaire is a:
(A) Research method
(B) Measurement technique
(C) Tool for data collection
(D) Data analysis technique
Answer: C

6.Technological Gatekeeper is :
(A) A formal method of giving current awareness service
(B) A method of technology assessment and evaluation
(C) A process of transfer of technology
(D) An informal mechanism of keeping user informed of relevant development
Answer: D

7. Conference proceedings are considered as documents.
(A) Conventional
(B) Primary
(C) Secondary
(D) Tertiary
Answer: B

8.BERN CONVENTION (1886) is concerned with:
(A) Translations
(B) Copyright
(C) Patent
(D) Standards
Answer: B

9. RSS feed is a tool of:
(A) Graphic design
(B) Web 1.0
(C) Web 2.0
(D) Architecture
Answer: C

10. An appropriate source to find out descriptive information is 
(A) Bibliography
(B) Directory
(C) Encyclopedia
(D) Dictionary
Answer: C