Thursday, June 2, 2016

KVS - Librarian Exam 2013

1. Who is the author of The law of the Library or GranthalayaVeda?
Answer: Iyyanki Venkata Ramanaiah (Easy Remind: IVR)

2. Nalanda Database of Indian Libraries was created by?
Answer: NIT, Calicut

3. K.P.Sinha Committee recommendations pertain to____
Answer: Public Library

4. The Association for Information Management is the new name of ____?
Answer: ASLIB

5. The UDC is an example of _____
Answer: Almost Faceted Scheme

6. The Colon  Classification Book Number formula comprises ____ elements.
Answer: 8

7. How many Tables does the latest edtion of DDC Contain?
Answer: 6 Tabls

8. The Space Isolate of Colon Classification comprise _____blocks?
Answer: 4

9. The number of cannons for Book Classification as given in Colon Classification (6th Rev.Ed) is___
Answer: 5

10. The book Proglemena to Classification was brought out by S.R.Ranganathan in the year?
Answer: 1937

11. The Call Number of a document Comprises___
Answer: Collection No + Book No.

12. Ango American (AA) code was published in the year ____
Answer:  1908

13. IATLIS is a body of ___
Answer:  Teacher of Library & Information Science

14. Edited works in AACR are entered under?
Answer: Title of the Document

15. Library of congress CIP data found on the?
Answer: Back of the title page

16. The number of section in the main entry according to CCC is___
Answer:  6

17. Medical Libraries prefer to use ____ for subject headings
Answer: MeSH

18. In India ISSN is allotted by_____

19. Broad System of Ordering BSO is a/an _____
Answer: Classification Scheme

20. Dr.S.R.Ranganathan has given details of the various jobs performed in a library in his _____
Answer: Library Administration