Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Library And Information Science UGC-CBSE-NET Paper - II

1.Where is the head quarter of Patent Information System in India.
(A) Pune                   
(B) Mumbai                   
(C) Nagpur                         
(D) Delhi                     
Answer: C

2.The act enacted in India in 1856 on Intellectual Property Right was based on 
(A) American Patent Law 1810                         
(B) British Patent Law 1852           
(C) The Patent Bill                           
(D) The Design Act of 1911                      
Answer: B

3.Whether intellectual property can be sold
(A) No
(B) Sale is possible
(C) Yes
(D) None of these
Answer: B

4.Books lost from the library are known through _
(A) Stock verification         
(B) Charging and discharging           
(C) Shelf list                       
(D) Accession Register
Answer: B

5.Study carrels are exclusive areas meant for
(A) Students              
(B) Public       
(C) Women               
(D) Researchers
Answer: D

6.All part and pages of a volume are correctly sequenced in the first stage of 

binding process known as?
(A) Sewing    
(B) Guard       
(C) Pulling      
(D) Collation
Answer: D

7.Sheets before and after the text of a book are called _________. .
(A) End papers         
(B) Attach cover   
(C) Head bands         
(D) Gilding
Answer: A

8.The term communication came from which language?
(A) Greek
(B) Latin
(C) German
(D) French
Answer: B

9.Who is the propounder of the term information transfer?
(A) Ranganathan                 
(B) J.Martin                     
(C) Beesman                       
(D) Calvin Moores       
Answer: C

10.To which country the credit is given to coin the term information society ?
(A) USA             
(B) France                 
(C) Japan                   
(D) India                 
Answer: C