Monday, November 21, 2016

UGC CBSE NET Computer Science Paper - II MCQ Questions with Answers

1. E-mail addresses separate the user name from the ISP using the symbol ______
a. &   
b. @
c. %   
d. *
Answer: b

2. Information, a combination of graphics, text, sound, video and animation is called ______
a. Multiprogramme    
b. Multifacet 
c. Multimedia        
d. Multiprocess
Answer: c

3. 'Micro Processing' is made for 
a. Computer           
b. Digital System
c. Calculator         
d. Electronic Goods
Answer: a

4. Which is the most popular media for multimedia packaging?
a. Floppy Disk
c. Hard Disk
d. None of these above
Answer: b

5. Computer language used on Internet is ______
d. c++
Answer: b

6. Computer understands the ______ language
a. Word Processing
b. DTP
c. Spreadsheet
d. All of thes above
Answer: a

7. The pattern of printed lines on most products is called ______
a. prices                       
b. OCR
c. scanners                
d. barcodes
Answer: d

8. Blueprints are usually created using ______ software.
a. draw             
b. paint
c. CAD                        
d. None of these
Answer: c

9. A desktop Computer is also known as a ______
a. Note Book               
b. PC 
c. Laptop                     
d. Mainframe
Answer: b

10. Computer Virus is a ______
a. Hardware                
b. Bacteria
c. Software                 
d. None of these
Answer: c