Monday, September 24, 2018

7 Steps Manthras to get Success UGC NET Exam.

7 Steps Manthras to get Success UGC NET Exam.

In these 7 steps are very useful for UGC NET Exam Aspirants and to make confident to pass in this UGC NET Examination. Every one have prepared and study in well but some reason they can't to pass UGC NET Exam. Some UGC NET Aspirants missing the chance to pass in one marks,  two marks. So in the single one marks and two marks to make the fail for your success. 

First Steps: Find out where you were losing marks. I mean First Paper, Second Paper or 3rd Paper. UGC NET Aspirants must check their previous score and find out the areas of losing marks in all three papers.

Second Steps: You collect Previous Questions paper and try to answer all questions. In this way you can easily find out the important area. The reference to past questions helps in analysing the exam pattern and identification of important topics.  This builds up confidence also that preparation is moving in right direction.

Third Steps: Purchase some good books specified by UGC that may help you to clear your basic concepts and logic as well as cover whole syllabus. Dont buy many books. UGC NET Aspirants should study and covered full books. Start with the topic you can cover faster. UGC NET Aspirants must read IGNOU (Indira Gandhi Open University) study materials. you can download all study materials through IGNOU official website with free of cost.

Fourth Steps: Time Management. It’s very important for your preparation and exam time also. You should make sure fully concentrate and focus on what you are reading during your study hours. You should study at least 4 to 5 hours daily to your studies depends upon your area interest.

Fifth Steps: UGC NET Aspirants should share in your topics with your same Aspirants. You may help others in understanding difficult topics and solving tough questions. Many Subject specialist conduct online mock test for all subjects. 

Sixth Steps: Prepare Notes its very useful for Exam times. When you are preparing UGC Exams you should note short notes for easy memorizing and You can write down important things and related facts and points

Seventh Steps: Physical Exercise is very useful for your mind. Be free from stress. You should do 30 minutes Exercise. Pranayama is most powerful remedy for your stressed mind and to improve your memory power. Boost your confidence level. Don't loose of your confidence. You should mind Vivekananda Words: "Try and try again then you will reach your goal". You belief yourself. You can do.

All the best