Saturday, January 27, 2018

9 Steps to Clear Paper - I UGC NET Exam.

9 Steps to Clear Paper - I UGC NET Exam: UGC NET Exam Paper I: it is the Gate way of Paper 2 and Paper 3. This paper mainly needs to brush-up the topics in Teaching Aptitude and Research Methodology, next you can bit concentrate in General Knowledge. If you cooperate me and spent your few minutes to read the following steps then surely you will find a proper way to reach your success.

Step 1: Follow-up the updated Syllabus

Step 2: Go through the previous years Solved paper I. Firstly thoroughly read it then try to solve it without any reference moreover try to fix the time limit for it.

Step 3: Revise the solved paper weekly 

Step 4: On the basis of your revision now solve the unsolved paper 

Step 5: In order to Solve the Teaching Aptitude questions you should consider yourself as a teacher and you are in a condition thats given in the questions. Make the decision first and then refer the options given in the questions.

Step 6: Never confuse yourself by referring many books for Paper I and try to stick towards any standard books

Step 7: For covering GK area try refer " Indian Constitution and Current Affairs particularly in Awards 2016"

Step 8: Unseen Passages are time consuming so try to solved in during the last your examination.

Step 9: You can do if you think and you can think if you do.

All the Best...