Monday, July 10, 2017

Library and Information Science Paper 2 Model Questions

1. Which is not the alternative term to Information?
b. Facts
c. Catalogue
d. Data
Answer: Catalogue

2. Which law of Library Science emphasis on the "Obligation oof the stat to enact Library Legislation"?
a. First Law
b. Second Law
c. Third Law
d. Fourth Law
Answer: Second Law

3. Intellectual Property Right is related to______
a. Right to Information
b. Censorship
c. Copyright
d. Information Privacy
Answer: Copyright

4. Choose the element which is not a field of mass communication?
a. Radio
b. Print Media
c. Televisioon
d. Micromedia
Answer: Micromedia

5. FID is related to_______
a. UDC
b. LCC
Answer: UDC

6. International Who's Who is published from
a. Paris
b. New York
c. Moscow
d. London
Answer: New York

7. Referral Service means
a. Directing the reader to Reference Service
b. Providing Long Range Reference Service
c. Directing the reader to Correct Source
d. Providing Ready Reference Service
Answer: Directing the reader to Correct Source

8. _________ Supplement the existing card catalogue and can be consulted for comprehensive research
c. MEDLARS Database
Anser: OPAC

9. The Peridicity of INB is
a. Monthly
b. Yearly
c. Weekly
d. Quarterly
Answer: Monthly

10 The Editors of Encylopedia of Library and Information Science are
a. H.W Wilson and R.R.Bowker
b. P.A. Atherton and E.Garfield
c. Allent Kent and Herold Lancer
d. M.Dekker and S.P.Sen
Answer: Allent Kent and Herold Lancer