Thursday, January 12, 2017

UGC NET Paper - 1 Solved Paper: Important Questions with Answers

1. The main duty of a teacher is
a. to stimulate and guide students learning
b. to provide remedial aid and diagnostic aid wherever required
c. to teach only the prescibed curriculum
d. to ensure that all students belong to same social group

2. Ex post facts method of research is associated with
a. control
b. Sample
c. validity related with inference
d. all of these
Answer: d

3. when your students point out your mistake while teaching in the class then what will you do?
a. you leave the class for a week
b. you scold the child
c. you break all the limits of anger
d. you feel sorry for committing a blunder

4. Intension of the research should be
a. in the interest of all the living creatures
b. in self-interest
c. in the interest of human beings
d. in the interest of religion
Answer: a

5. According to Plato the main role of education is to
a. develop the power of contemplation
b. train each person in vocation
c. cultivate personality
d. strengthen the power of perception
Answer: a

6. What is the synopsis of research called?
a. base of problem
b. blue print
c. mapping of problem
d. all of these
Answer: d

7. Which among the following is the least important aspect of the teacher's role in the guidance of learning?
a. the provision of continuous diagnostic and remedial help
b. the provision of encouragement
c. the development of insight into what constitutes an adequate performance
d. the development of insight into what constitutes an adequate avoid
Answer: a

8. CHEER  stands for
a. Children Enrichment  Education Through Radio
b. Children Health Education Electronic Recording
c. Children for Engineers and Energy Requirement
d. None of these
Answer: a

9. The Kelkar proposals were the
a. recommendations for reforms in the power sector
b. guidelines for the privatisation of public sector undertakings.
c. recommendation for tax reforms
d. guidelines for reducing vehicular pollution and teh promotion of CNG use.
Answer: c

10. Which of the following statements is most appropriate?
(A) Teachers can teach.
(B) Teachers help can create in a student a desire to learn.
(C) Lecture Method can be used for developing thinking.
(D) Teachers are born.
Answer: (b)