Friday, February 10, 2017

Computer Science Questions and Answers: Problem Solving Techniques Part - 7

1) Define Sorting.
Sorting is a method of arranging data items in any order.

2) What is searching?
It is a process of locating an element stored in a file.

3) Mention the different structured programming constructs.
a. Sequence,  b. Selection,  c. Iteration

4) What is stepwise Refinement?
Is a process of breaking down the problem at each stage to obtain a solutions.

5) Name the different searching methods.
a. Linear Search,  b. Binary Search

6) What is top-down approach called as?
Top-down analysis is also called as stepwise refinement

7) What is the main advantage of linear search method?
It is simple and useful when the elements to be searched are not in any definite order.

8) What is the other name of bubble sort?
The bubble sort method is also called as sorting by exchange.

9) What is structured programming?
It is a method of using the concept of sequence , selection , iteration and modularity.

10) Name the searching technique which requires sorted elements.
Binary Search.

11) What is top-down analysis?
Solving a problem by breaking it up into smaller parts is called as top-down analysis.

12) Define module.
It is an independent set of statements, which can be called in another program.

13) What is a module?
Each program segment is called a module.