Thursday, February 9, 2017

Computer Science Questions and Answers: Configuring a Computer

1. Name the components of CPU
Answer. a) ALU b) PC c) Accumulator d) MAR e) IR f) ID g) MDR

2. What is the use of registers in CPU?
Answer. It is used to store intermediate data and instructions.

3. What is the function of MAR?
Answer. It specifies the address of memory location from which data or instruction is to be accessed  or to which the data is to be stored.

4. What is the function of MDR / MBR?
Answer. It contains the data to be written into or read from memory location addressed by MAR.

5. What is program counter?
Answer. It keeps track of the memory address of the instruction that is to be executed next.

6. What is the function of IR?
Answer. It contains the instruction that is being executed.

7. What is the purpose of Instruction Decoder?
Answer. It decodes the instructions.

8. What is a data bus?
Answer. It carries a word to or from memory.

9. What is an address bus?
Answer. It carries memory address. The width of address bus equals the number of bits in the MAR.

10. What is the function of control bus?
Answer. It carries signals between the units of the computer.

11. Name different I/O ports.
Answer. Port is a socket on the back of computer. Different types of ports are serial ports, parallel ports and USB ports.

12. What is meant by plug and play cards?
Answer. It enables the user to add devices to computer.

13. Expand SD RAM.
Answer. Synchronous Dynamic Random Access Memory.

14. Expand DDR RAM. 
Answer. Double Data Rate Random Access Memory.