Friday, February 10, 2017

Computer Science Questions and Answers: String Part - 10

1) What is a string?
A string is a sequence of one or more characters.

2) Write the syntax for declaration of a string.
syntax: char arrayname [size];
Ex: char str [100];

3) State the difference between a null character and a null sting.
A null character indicates the end of the string. A null string is a string with zero characters or no characters.

4) Which header file is needed to perform string operation? 

5) Which header file is needed to perform character operations?

6) Write an example for string initialization.
 char str[100] ={“MYSORE CITY”};

7) What is the difference between gets() and scanf() function?
gets() function receives a string input up to the end of the line or a new line character. This means the string may have blank spaces and punctuations. Scanf() function accepts a string only up to the first blank space or punctuation.