Friday, February 10, 2017

Computer Science Questions and Answers: Components of motherboard and speed of CPU Part - 5

1. Write a note on components of motherboard.
i) Bus
a. Address Bus
b. Data Bus
c. Control Bus
ii) Expansion slots: They serve the purpose of adding functionality to the computer.
 a. ISA : Industrial standard architecture.
 b. PCI : Peripheral component interface
 c. AGP : Accelerated Graphic port.
iii) CACHE Memory: It is a small fast memory that resides between CPU and main
iv) CMOS (Complementary Metal Oxide Semiconductor Battery )
v) I-O Ports ( Input –Output Ports ): Serial , Parallel , USB etc.,

2. Explain the different factors affecting the processing speed of CPU.
CPU Speed/Clock speed: Speed of CPU also known as clock speed. The clock speed is the number of instructions executed by the CPU in one second It is measured in megahertz(million instructions per second). The average speed of a new CPU is about 1000MHz to 4000 MHz.(1 to 4 giga  hertz).
  • Instruction set: The number of instructions decide the efficiency of a CPU. More the instructions , less efficient is the CPU and less the instructions, More efficient is the CPU.
  • Word size/Register size: The size of registers determines the amount of data the computer can work with at a time. Normally it is 32 bits. Smaller the size of register, slower will be the computer. . It is also known as Word size. It varies from 16 bits to 128 bits.
  • Data bus capacity: Width of a data bus determines the largest number of bits that can be transported at one time.
  • Cache Memory size: Cache memory is a high speed memory. Greater the cache, faster a processor runs. Most modern processors can execute multiple instructions per clock cycle which speeds up a program. Some CPU’s have storage for instructions and data built inside the processor chip . This is called internal cache or L1 cache memory.
  • Memory Size: The amount of PRIMARY STORAGE (RAM) determines the size of program that can be kept in primary storage, which is faster than secondary storage. There by the speed of computer increases. The size of RAM varies from 64 MB to 4 GB.