Thursday, February 9, 2017

UGC NET Paper - 1 Research Methodology

1. Who authored the book “methods in Social Research”?
a) Wilkinson b) CR Kothari c) Kerlinger d) Goode and Halt

2. “Research is an organized and systematic enquiry” Defined by _______
a) Marshall b) P.V. Young c) Emory d) Kerlinger

3. Research is a “Scientific undertaking” opined by _______
a) Young b) Kerlinger c) Kothari d) Emory

4. “A systematic step-by-step Procedure following logical process of reasoning” called _______
a) Experiment b) Observation c) Deduction d) Scientific method

5. Ethical Neutrality is a feature of _______
a) Deduction b) Scientific method c) Observation d) experience

6. Scientific method is committed to _______ 
a) Objectivity b) Ethics c) Proposition d) Neutrality

7. “One of the methods of logical reasoning process” is called _______
a) Induction b) Deduction c) Research d) Experiment

8. An essential Criterion of Scientific study is _______
a) Belief b) Value c) Objectivity d) Subjectivity

9. “Reasoning from general to particular “is called _______
a) Induction b) deduction c) Observation d) experience

10. “Deduction and induction are a part of system of reasoning” – stated by
a) Caroline b) P.V.Young c) Dewey John d) Emory

11. “ A system of systematically interrelated concepts definitions and propositions that are advanced to explain and predict phenomena” _______ is
a) Facts b) Values c) Theory d) Generalization

12. “ A system of systematically interrelated concepts, definitions and propositions that are advanced to explain and Predict phenomena” defined by
a) Jack Gibbs b) PV Young c) Black d) Rose Arnold

13. Theory is “ a set of systematically related propositions specifying casual relationship among variables” is defined by
a) Black James and Champion b) P.V. Young c) Emory d) Gibbes

14. “Empirically verifiable observation” is
a) Theory b) Value c) Fact d) Statement

15. Fact is “empirically verifiable observation” _______ is defined by
a) Good and Hatt b) Emory c) P.V. Young d) Claver

16. _______is “systematically conceptual structure of inter related elements in some schematic form”
a) Concept b) Variable c) Model d) Facts

17. Social Science deals with _______ 
a) Objects b) Human beings c) Living things d) Non living things

18. Science is broadly divided into _______ 
a) Natural and Social b) Natural and Physical c) Physical and Mental d) Social and Physical

19. Social Science try to explain _______ Between human activities and natural laws governing them
a) Causal Connection b) reason c) Interaction d) Objectives

20. Social Science Research _______ Problems
a) Explain b) diagnosis c) Recommend d) Formulate

Answer Keys
01 D  02 C  03 A  04 D  05 B  06 A  07 A   08 C  09 B  10 B  
11 C  12 B  13 A  14 C  15 A  16 C  17 B   18 A  19 A  20 B