Saturday, August 26, 2017

Revision Tips And Techniques

Hi Friends, my this post is dedicated to those whose feels fuzzy and confused during the examinations. It is my sincere and friendly advice to all the aspirants to revise as much as possible. I should say you that smart revision must be practised as it will unlock super success in exams. Let me distinguished between Revision and Smart Revision. 
Revision means "to look at again something that you have previously studied".
Smart Revision means " to look at again something that you have previously studied with some tips and techniques for sure success".
Now the question raise - How to do smart revision?
Following are some of the key points that an aspirant must keep in mind for smart revision:
  1. Be Honest with yourself: Never blame on the situation or anybody like bla bla bla might not happen then surely i would have done with bla bla bla.....Perhaps the most important aspect to successful smart revision is being honest with yourself. You need to sit down and organise your own study.
  2. What to review first?: Make your revision on the important topic and marks weitage wise, instead of covering the over all syllabus at a strech.
  3. Time Management: Revise your notes regularly. It may be as regular as a month or so.
  4. Include Some Smart Measures: Make your concept understandable and memorable with the usage of real- time examples, short diagramatic representation etc.Moreover apart from your notes, solve at least 30 choice questions everyday from the topics that you have already done.
  5. Risk of writing: If your writing speed is slow then never take a risk to write each and every answers during revision. 
  6. Avoid time consuming acts: Avoid time consuming tasks like spending times to draw the figures  or equations or formulae  during revision , instead of all these you may read it loudly. 
  7. Focus on self study:  Your focus must be on self- study instead of group studies for revision on a day just before your examination.

image source: oxfordchemistrytutor.co.uk