Monday, September 4, 2017

Important Questions with Answer of Library and Information Science Paper-II

1. Chairman of National Library Review Committee (1967)?
Answer: V.S.Jha

2. When was passed British Museum Act?
Answer:   - 1753

3. Books of doubtful authorship of authority are called____
Answer: Apocryphalbooks

4. When was S.R.Renganathan received Padam Shree Award?
Answer: 1957

5. Founder of Indian Library Association?
Answer: A.C.Woolner

6. Open Access concept in India was introduced by S.R.Ranganathan on ______
Answer: 1934

7. Library Economy coined by ______
Answer: Melwil Dewey

8. The book principles of Librarianship is authored by ______
Answer: A.Dickinson

9.  Journal of Librarianship publication of ______
Answer: LA (UK)

10. INIS Atomindex examples of ______
Answer: Indexing Service