Friday, September 29, 2017

UGC-NET Computer Science Mock Test

UGC-NET Computer Science Mock Test 
(Mock Test are useful for Paper II and III)

Sl.NoSubject: Computer ScienceLink
1Computer Science (Data Structure) - 01Click Here
2Computer Science (Data Structure) - 02Click Here
3Computer Science (Data Structure) - 03Click Here
4Computer Science (Data Structure) - 04Click Here
5Computer Science (Data Structure) - 05Click Here
6Computer Science (Data Structure) - 06Click Here
7Computer Science (Data Structure) - 07Click Here
8Computer Science (Data Structure) - 08Click Here
9Computer Science (Data Structure) - 09Click Here
10Computer Science (Data Structure) - 10Click Here
11Computer Science (Data Structure) - 11Click Here
12Computer Science (Data Structure) - 12Click Here
13Computer Science (Data Structure) - 13Click Here
14Computer Science (Data Structure) - 14Click Here
15Computer Science (Data Structure) - 15Click Here

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