Wednesday, October 4, 2017

Research Methodology Solved Paper - I (Part 21)

This Quiz is posted with the sole aim of guiding the aspirants of UGC-NET /CSIR -NET Exam to the path of success. To sharpen the edges of your own intelligence and practice, in a structured and concrete manner to ensure you definite Success in your endeavor and will Pave your way for a successful career in Teaching (or) Research Profession . All the very best...... Knock the door of success......
  1.  The sociologist feels that, if men expect to put an end to prejudice and race conflict, they will have to give major attention to ______.
    1.  Putting into effect the ”melting pot theory”
    2.  Re-establishing ethnocentrism
    3.  Legislating human rights for minorities
    4.  Remedying social abuses and reducing conflict

  2.  Birla Institute of Technology is situated at ______________.
    1.  Jaipur  
    2.  Hardwar
    3.  Kota  
    4.  Ranchi  

  3.  According to wood's Dispatch the medium of instruction should be __________.
    1.  English and Vernaculars
    2.  Only Sanskrit
    3.  Only English
    4.  Only Vernaculars

  4.  Which has the greatest potential for education through audio-visual means?
    1.  Teaching machine
    2.  The language laboratory 
    3.  The Computer
    4.  SITE programmes 

  5. The term of reference of Mudaliar Commission was ________.
    1.  Higher Education
    2.  Vocational Education
    3.  Secondary Education
    4.  Primary Education

  6. Central Forensic Science Laboratory is situated in ____________.
    1.  Chandigarh  
    2.  Patna
    3.  Ludhiana
    4.  Patiala 

  7. Who gave the slogan 'Each one teach one'?
    1.  Mahatma Gandhi
    2.  Dr. Khurana
    3.  Maulana Azad
    4.  Dr. S. Radha Krishnan

  8. The Name of great ancient Nalanda University library was?
    1.  Langha
    2.  Dharmartha
    3.  Buddha 
    4.  Dharmganj 

  9. Vallabhi was a famous education was registered as a society in?
    1.  400 A.D
    2.  500 A.D
    3.  700 A.D
    4.  800 A.D

  10. Teaching in higher education implies _______.
    1.  Presenting the information given in the text book
    2.  Asking questions in the class and conducting examinations
    3.  Helping students to prepare for and pass the examination
    4.  Helping students how to learn