Thursday, October 5, 2017

UGC NET Solved Paper - I Teaching Aptitude & Research Methodology (Part-5)

This Quiz is posted with the sole aim of guiding the aspirants of UGC-NET /CSIR -NET Exam to the path of success. To sharpen the edges of your own intelligence and practice, in a structured and concrete manner to ensure you definite Success in your endeavor and will Pave your way for a successful career in Teaching (or) Research Profession . All the very best...... Knock the door of success......
  1.  To test null hypothesis, a researcher uses:
    1.  t test
    2.  factorial analysis
    3.  ANOVA
    4.  X2

  2. Which is the most important aspect of the teacher's role in learning?
    1.  The provision of continuous diagnostic and remedial help
    2.  The provision of encouragement and moral support
    3.  The development of insight into what constitutes the pitfalls and dangers to be avoided
    4.  The development of insight into what constitutes an adequate performance

  3. 4. The students who keep on asking questions in the class should be:
    1.  encouraged to find answer independently
    2.  advised not to disturb during the lecture
    3.  advised to meet the teacher after the class
    4.  encouraged to continue questioning

  4. Authenticity of a research finding is its:
    1.  Validity
    2.  c and d correct
    3.  Originality
    4.  Objectivity

  5. The main characteristic of scientific research is:
    1.  empirical
    2.  theoretical
    3.  experimental
    4.  all of the above

  6. The teacher has been glorified by the phrase "Friend, philosopher and guide" because:
    1.  He has to play all vital roles in the context of society
    2.  He transmits the high value of humanity to students
    3.  He is the great reformer of the society
    4.  He is a great patriot

  7. Formulation of hypothesis may NOT be required in:
    1.  Historical studies
    2.  Survey method
    3.  Experimental studies
    4.  Normative studies

  8. When a normal student behaves in an erratic manner in the class, you would:
    1.  ignore the student
    2.  pull up the student then and there
    3.  ask the student to leave the class
    4.  talk to the student after the class

  9. Generalized conclusion on the basis of a sample is technically known as:
    1.  All are right
    2.  Statistical inference
    3.  Data analysis and interpretation
    4.  Parameter inference

  10. The process not needed in experimental research is:
    1.  Reference collection
    2.  Controlling
    3.  Manipulation and replication
    4.  Observation