Thursday, October 5, 2017

UGC NET Solved Paper - I Teaching Aptitude & Research Methodology (Part-8)

This Quiz is posted with the sole aim of guiding the aspirants of UGC-NET /CSIR -NET Exam to the path of success. To sharpen the edges of your own intelligence and practice, in a structured and concrete manner to ensure you definite Success in your endeavor and will Pave your way for a successful career in Teaching (or) Research Profession . All the very best...... Knock the door of success......
  1.  The University which telecasts interaction educational programmes through its own channel is
    1.  Osmania University
    2.  University of Pune
    3.  Indira Gandhi National Open University (IGNOU)
    4.  Annamalai University

  2. The primary duty of the teacher is to ______
    1.  imbibe value system in the students
    2.  improve the physical standard of the students
    3.  raise the intellectual standard of the students
    4.  help all round development of the students

  3. The basis on which assumptions are formulated:
    1.  Cultural background of the country
    2.  Specific characteristics of the castes
    3.  Universities
    4.  All of these

  4. The process not needed in Experimental Researches is
    1.  Content Analysis
    2.  Controlling
    3.  Observation
    4.  Manipulation

  5. Which of the following skills are needed for present day teacher to adjust effectively with the classroom teaching?
    1. Knowledge of technology
    2. Use of technology in teaching learning
    3. Knowledge of students’ needs
    4. Content mastery
    1.  2 & 4
    2.  1 & 3
    3.  2 & 3
    4.  2, 3 & 4

  6. Why do teachers use teaching aid?
    1.  For students' attention
    2.  To teach within understanding level of students
    3.  To make teaching fun-filled
    4.  To make students attentive

  7. We use Factorial Analysis:
    1.  To know the difference between two variables
    2.  To know the relationship between two variables
    3.  To test the Hypothesis
    4.  To know the difference among the many variables

  8. Good evaluation of written material should not be based on:
    1.  Linguistic expression
    2.  Logical presentation
    3.  Ability to reproduce whatever is read
    4.  Comprehension of subject

  9. Attitudes, concepts, skills and knowledge are products of:
    1.  Research
    2.  Explanation
    3.  Learning
    4.  Heredity

  10. How can the objectivity of the research be enhanced?
    1.  Through its reliability
    2.  Through its validity
    3.  Through its impartiality
    4.  All of these