Friday, June 29, 2018

UGC NET Important Questions Library and Information Science (Paper 2) - Part 6

This Quiz is posted with the sole aim of guiding the aspirants of UGC-NET Exam Library and Information Science to the path of success. To sharpen the edges of your own intelligence and practice, in a structured and concrete manner to ensure you definite Success in your endeavor and will Pave your way for a successful career in Teaching (or) Research Profession . All the very best...... Knock the door of success......
  1.  Which of the following is a Pre Coordinate Indexing System?
    1.  Uniterm
    2.  POPSI
    3.  PRESIS
    4.  Key Word

  2. 'Whole - Organ Principle" comes under________
    1.  Principles of Mnemonics
    2.  Principles of Canonical Sequence
    3.  Principles of Helpful Sequence
    4.  Principles of Facet Sequence

  3. ISSN for serial published in India is assigned by_______
    1.  National Science Library
    2.  National Library
    3.  National Archives
    4.  Asiatic Society Library

  4. The duties and responsibilities of a University Librarian will be determined during _______
    1.  Job Evaluation
    2.  Job Specification
    3.  Job Description
    4.  Job Analysis

  5. Bradford's Law of Scattering' deals with _______
    1.  Scientific Productivity of a Country
    2.  Productivity of Institutions
    3.  Scientific Productivity of authors
    4.  Productivity of Journal

  6. Which of the following do not use Optical Character Recognition Software?
    1.  Barcode Reader
    2.  Mouse
    3.  Flatbed Scanner
    4.  Web Camera

  7. Which of the following promote development of Public Libraries?
    1.  RRRLF
    2.  ICAR
    3.  ICSSR
    4.  ICMR

  8. Newspaper Clipping Service comes under_______
    1.  Reference Service
    2.  SDI
    3.  Referral Service
    4.  CAS

  9. 'Bibliographic Classification' Scheme was developed by ______
    1.  J.D.Brown
    2.  C.C.Cutter
    3.  Hendry Evelyn Bliss
    4.  S.R. Ranganathan

  10. Carol Kulthau's name is associated with _______
    1.  SDI
    2.  CAS
    3.  Information Management
    4.  Information Literacy