Wednesday, July 18, 2018

NIOS - Political Science Study Materials - 2

NIOS - Political Science Study Materials  - 3

Senior Secondary (12th Standard) - Political Science Notes

Question 2: Write a note on the growth of the disciplines of Political Science?

  • Political Science is commonly divided into a number of sub-fields
  • The most prominent being political theories
  • National Government
  • International Relations
  • And special area shared with other Social Sciences such as in following fields
               a. Sociology
               b. Psychology
               c. Economics

Questions 3: Describe the scope of Political Science in terms of role of the State and functions of Government.

  • Government is an agency through which state express it will.
  • Political Science makes us study about the various forms of Government
  • And respective advantages and disadvantages of Government
  • It also implies the study of three organs of Government. therefore
                   a. Executive
                   b. Legislative
                   c. Judiciary